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Journalist From Nigeria thanks Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Top Knee Replacement Surgeon in India to Get Rid of Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head in Right Leg

Hi this is Chinedu C Anyanwu, I am a journalist in Nigeria and was diagnosed with avascular necrosis by my doctor and said that I would need a surgery for the same. However, back in Nigeria, things were really bad that made me decide to fly abroad to get the surgery. Luckily, my doctor suggested me to… Read More »

Dr. Jayant Arora Best Knee Surgeon in India helped Administrative Assistant from Kenya to Get Rid From Long Standing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi, I am Rose Mary from Kenya; I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which really ruined my life. In fact, the joint pains have really wrecked all havoc but I did not have any option to check in at my place. Thus my doctor recommended going for the Total Knee replacement Surgery in India with… Read More »