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The joint replacement surgery in Kerala is done by the Orthopaedic surgeons in Kerala to remove a damaged joint (two or more bones come together such as the hip, knee and shoulder) and put a new one. Best orthopaedic doctors in Kerala may suggest a joint replacement to improve how you live since the joint replacement can relieve pain and help you to move and feel better. Often the hips and knees are the most replaced joints. Other joints that can be replaced include the fingers, shoulders, elbows and ankles.

Who Need It?

A joint replacement surgery is essential for those who suffer from a painful disabling arthritis pain that persists even after undergoing medical treatment. Hence the joint replacement surgery procedure is indicated for the painful arthritis joints with or without the deformity in patients suffering with traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain other non septic arthritis.

Joint Replacement Surgery in Kerala

During the Joint Replacement Surgery in Kerala the orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged joint and put a new one instead. The surgical team will give anesthesia so that you won’t feel pain. You may be given a general anesthesia wherein your whole body is put to sleep or you will be given local or regional anesthesia that will block pain only in one part of the body. Since each surgery is different, how long it will take depends on how badly the joint is damaged and how the surgery is done. Usually a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery takes around two hours or less unless there are complicating factors. After surgery, you will be moved to a recovery room for one to two hours until you are fully awake or the numbness goes away.

  • Knee replacement surgery in Kerala

The knees are vulnerable to many diseases and conditions due to sports, arthritis, work injuries or weakening of the tissues with age that can cause wear and tear, inflammation, resulting in pain and diminished knee function. Often doctors first recommend the non surgical methods such as the anti-inflammatory medicines or specific exercises. Knee replacement surgery in Kerala, India is a highly successful and safe procedure. The best knee replacement surgeons in Kerala perform this surgery to help correcting the deformity in the leg. The damaged part of the bone or cartilage is removed during this surgery done at the best knee replacement hospitals in Kerala. Then the space is replaced with the artificial implants, made of plastic or metal. Hence, this will relieve pain and the normal knee activities are restored. Contact us to know the Knee replacement surgery cost in Kerala at the Best Knee Surgery Hospitals in Kerala.

  • Hip replacement surgery in Kerala

The hip replacement surgery in Kerala is needed to replace the whole of the affected hip joint. It uses the prosthetic components for the replacement process. During the surgery, the damaged bone or cartilage is moved out of the body. The artificial implants such as plastic, ceramic or metal are then positioned into the empty space. Hence the normal function and alignment of the hip is restored. Get in touch with us to get the Low Cost Hip Joint Replacement at Kerala in India.

Best Orthopaedics Hospitals in Kerala

The best orthopaedics hospitals in Kerala have state of the art facilities, and offers specialized services for the comprehensive management of the musculoskeletal disorders in adult and children. Our facilities ensure quick and personalized medical attention to the patients. Our exceptional team of doctors comprises of expertise from all subspecialties in the musculoskeletal care. Their multidisciplinary approach provides the customized, evidence based treatment to the patients.

Orthopaedic surgeons in Kerala

The orthopaedic surgeons in Kerala treat the patients with the surgical and the non surgical methods to correct the problems. They are educated from renowned medical colleges in India and abroad and have a vast work experience. The top joint replacement surgery doctors in Kerala work closely with other physicians in the related fields in the treatment of the international patients. The best bone specialists in Kerala work to find a solution to your hip and knee pain and help you get moving again. They use the advanced technologies for the joint replacement surgeries. The dedicated team of top joint replacement surgeons in Kerala focuses to restore the joints, bones and muscles to allow you to return to your active lifestyle.

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery in Kerala

The benefits of joint replacement surgery in Kerala include pain relief. Another benefit is to improve how well your joint works. Most people can walk more easily after a hip and knee replacement surgery. Some of them may be able to ride a bike or even play golf. Further cost of joint replacement surgery in Kerala is quite reasonable as compared to the cost of procedures in the West. There is no waiting period to undergo the joint replacement surgery in Kerala.

Cost of Joint Replacement Surgery in Kerala

The cost of joint replacement surgery in Kerala is much more cost effective and affordable compared to the cost of the medical procedures in the West. And that too at the bets hospitals in India that are JCI accredited which means they have state of the art infrastructure and provide quality of healthcare services.

Why Choose Kerala for Joint Replacement Surgery?

Kerala is renowned for the medical tourism as it offers a recuperative holiday for treatment following discharge after the joint replacement surgery. The low cost joint replacement treatment in Kerala package includes various services at competent prices. The demand for joint replacement surgery in Kerala is increasing due to cost effective rates, no waiting lists for the procedures as in the West.

Our group has association with the internationally trained ortho specialists with vast experience, world class hospitals with state of the art equipments, international standard care, for the patients to provide them improved quality of life. We provide the patients with all the information they should know regarding the treatment process, before, during and after surgery. We provide complete assistance to the patients from the start of their journey up till they reach back home post the treatment. Our group provides assistance to the international patients with their medical visas, receiving the patient at the airport, escorting to the hospital for treatment, transport, food, etc. To Low cost joint replacement surgery Kerala, fill up the free consultation form on our website.

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