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Dr. Jayant Arora Best Knee Surgeon in India helped Administrative Assistant from Kenya to Get Rid From Long Standing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi, I am Rose Mary from Kenya; I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which really ruined my life. In fact, the joint pains have really wrecked all havoc but I did not have any option to check in at my place. Thus my doctor recommended going for the Total Knee replacement Surgery in India with… Read More »

Best Price for Total Knee replacement Surgery in India Offer a New Hope for Osteoarthiritis Disorder :Get Your Knee Pain Relieved

Overview If your knee is severly damaged by osteoarthritis then it becomes difficult for you to perform the simplest of activities in your daily routine. If the non-surgical methods fail to yield desired results then the surgeons will advise you to undergo a knee replacement surgery. The best price of total knee replacement surgery in… Read More »

Getting to the Joint by Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Overview Knee is an important body part, which is equally complex part as well. This is the key reason why taking care of the body part becomes important. However, with injuries and age one can get affected this body portion, which can lead only to surgical options like total knee replacement surgery. In the recent… Read More »

Total Knee Replacement Surgery : What you can Expect

A cheapest Total Knee replacement Surgery Hospital In India is a procedure in which the diseased knee joint is replaced with an artificial material. During a total knee replacement, the end of the femur bone is removed and replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone is removed and replaced with a… Read More »

All you need to know about Best Hospital For Total Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Overview A total knee replacement surgery replaces the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee joint with the artificial prosthesis called the implants. This surgery is performed to relieve the pain and disability due to degenerative arthritis or most commonly osteoarthritis and will provide a new healthy joint. A knee replacement surgery can be unilateral… Read More »