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Get Low Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India: Safer with Higher Success Rate

Overview Call it total hip replacement or the total hip arthoplasty, they are one and the same thing, which was developed in the year 1962 by a man called Sir John Charnley. At times one can find people suffering from hip pain due to various reasons like injuries, accident or ailments like arthritis and so… Read More »

Overcome The Trauma of Hip Arthritis with Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India : Symptoms,Treatment & Rehab Options

Overview Over 327,000 patients have got their cheapest price total hip replacement surgery in India. The vast majority of these surgeries have been done to relieve arthritis pain and increase the hip function. During the hip replacement surgery, the surgeon will resurface the bones which form the ball and socket of the hip joint. The… Read More »

Why Ireland, UK & New Zealand have been doing more LOW Cost Hip replacement surgeries in India?

LOW Cost Hip Replacement Surgery Overview Hip replacement can be called as a surgical procedure wherein the hop joint is replaced by prosthetic implants. The hip pain can be caused to a number of reasons including fracture, osteoarthritis, aseptic bone necrosis and rheumatoid arthritis. At times these symptoms can go away with nonsurgical options but… Read More »